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Combatting the stowaway threat to shipping vessels through dynamic security, guarding and dog search solutions.

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Securing Shipping Vessels
Since 2002

Pioneering dog searches
in stowaway detection

About Us

SSD Marine has been in operation since April 2002, combatting the stowaway threat to shipping vessels which have reached epidemic levels in South Africa.

To combat this onslaught we provide gangway access security together with first of its kind stowaway dog searches, always proving successful in minimising the threat of stowaways.

Our Team

The business is family-owned and we pride ourselves on our ability to respond quickly to our customer’s requirements, always offering personal service through a proven management structure.

Our dog handlers and dogs are assessed by an independent training facility approved by the Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority of South Africa to ensure that our teams are proficient and their competence verified by a neutral third party.

The Dogs

We are global pioneers in utilizing small dogs, generally Jack Russell Terriers, for stowaway detection. Having spent the past 17 years perfecting our searches, we can confidently say we are the best stowaway detection company providing this service in South Africa.

We are proudly the preferred vendor of stowaway dog searches by the local P&I Club.


Our stowaway and guarding services are offered in all major South African ports.

Dog Searches & Guarding

Carried out before and until departure by trained handlers and stowaway detection dogs.

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Vessel Access Security

Guarding against stowaway embarkation to reduce theft from vessels in port.

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Cash To Master

Providing cash to master services to vessels calling at major South African ports.

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Our services are offered in all major South African ports. In certain ports, we periodically make use of sub-contractors, vetted by us and approved by our insurance underwriters.

All sub-contracted work is facilitated directly by our company on a ship to ship basis, ensuring that the correct insurance and relevant protocols are in place.

What Our Clients Say

Our Mission

We pride ourselves on our commitment to ensuring our customers’ needs are always met. Offering a dedicated, personal and reliable service with a transparent management structure.

Stowaway searches South African ports

Stowaway Dog Searches


Stowaway Dog Search

Stowaway Dog Searches


Jack Russell stowaway dog searches

Jack Rusell Dogs


Security staff

Stowaway Dog Searches


cash to 2


Stowaway dog searches South Africa

Stowaways Security Services


Management Team

Gavin Mooney

Operations & Marketing

Leading the operations and marketing of SSD Marine, Gavin began his policing career as a dog handler, trainer and finally dog unit commander.

Jacqui Mooney

Finance & Administration

Ensuring that all accounting and other regulatory requirements for running a security company in South Africa are adhered to.

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Main Office (SA time)
+27 870 926 914

Office Mobile (24 hrs)
+27 837 920 925

General Operations

Durban Operations
+27 837 874 28520

Richards Bay Operations
+27 833 065 554

Office Hours: Monday to Friday
8am – 4.30pm

Let Us Secure Your Ship

No matter the size of your ship, time of day or type of cargo on board, SSD Marine Security & Services will work with you to guarantee the safety of your vessel and its contents.

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